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In DPP, I experimented with HDR PQ. Since most web browsers will not display HIF, I then attempted to convert the HIF to JPEG. I am attaching examples of the results. I like the result produced by macOS Photos and the result produced by GraphicsMagick better than the result produced by DPP.

The HIF file saved from DPP looks really good on my iMac screen in the photos app, much better than in DPP. Since I have a screen capable of displaying HDR, it would be easier to see the edits in DPP HDR PQ mode if DPP would use the capability of the screen instead of converting to SDR.

Is there a way to get a similar export to JPEG result using DPP as when using macOS photos app or as when using Graphics magick? Thanks in advance.

Saved from DPP as JPG after editing without HDR PQSaved from DPP as JPG after editing without HDR PQsaved from DPP as JPG from HDR PQ edit modesaved from DPP as JPG from HDR PQ edit modeHIF saved from DPP converted to JPEG by GraphicsMagickHIF saved from DPP converted to JPEG by GraphicsMagick

HIF file saved from DPP converted to JPEG by macOS Photos appHIF file saved from DPP converted to JPEG by macOS Photos app




I found more information at  which is a standards organization and I hope this might be of interest to others.

Since JPEG is SDR only and the HDR PQ standard does not permit changing the curves, I increased the input dynamic range in DPP while still creating SDR output and did not do the HDR PQ in DPP. The result is SDR and JPEG so that it may be displayed in web browsers. The attached image in this post was compressed more using graphicsmagick so that it would be small enough to upload, so it does not have quite as much information as a JPG saved from DPP at quality 10. I used tone curves in DPP to approximate what I saw on a HDR PQ display in a JPG that may be viewed in a web browser. Another approach to this would be to always photograph this bird at -0.67 EV and brighten later in DPP.

I used "exiftool -G0:2 -h IMG_3356c2.dr4" to get a record of the edits I have done in DPP.

ExifToolExifTool Version Number12.55
File:OtherFile NameIMG_3356c2.dr4
File:OtherFile Size8.9 kB
File:OtherFile Permissions-rw-r--r--
File:OtherFile TypeDR4
File:OtherFile Type Extensiondr4
File:OtherMIME Typeapplication/octet-stream
File:TimeFile Modification Date/Time2023:02:25 08:19:31-06:00
File:TimeFile Access Date/Time2023:02:25 08:22:53-06:00
File:TimeFile Inode Change Date/Time2023:02:25 08:19:31-06:00
CanonVRD:ImageDR4 Camera ModelEOS R5
CanonVRD:ImageAngle Adj0
CanonVRD:ImageCheck MarkClear
CanonVRD:ImageWork Color SpacesRGB
CanonVRD:ImageRaw Brightness Adj-0.33
CanonVRD:ImageWhite Balance AdjDaylight
CanonVRD:ImageWB Adj Color Temp5200
CanonVRD:ImageWB Adj Magenta Green0
CanonVRD:ImageWB Adj Blue Amber0
CanonVRD:ImageGamma LinearNo
CanonVRD:ImagePicture StyleShot Settings
CanonVRD:ImageContrast Adj0
CanonVRD:ImageColor Tone Adj0
CanonVRD:ImageColor Saturation Adj1
CanonVRD:ImageMonochrome Toning EffectNone
CanonVRD:ImageMonochrome Filter EffectNone
CanonVRD:ImageUnsharp Mask Strength2
CanonVRD:ImageUnsharp Mask Fineness4
CanonVRD:ImageUnsharp Mask Threshold4
CanonVRD:ImageShadow Adj0
CanonVRD:ImageHighlight Adj0
CanonVRD:ImageSharpness AdjUnsharp Mask
CanonVRD:ImageSharpness Adj OnYes
CanonVRD:ImageSharpness Strength4
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve Color SpaceRGB
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve ShapeCurve
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve Input Range0 255
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve Output Range0 255
CanonVRD:ImageRGB Curve Points(0,0) (67,53) (158,157) (255,255)
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve X67
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve Y53
CanonVRD:ImageRed Curve Points(0,0) (255,255)
CanonVRD:ImageGreen Curve Points(0,0) (255,255)
CanonVRD:ImageBlue Curve Points(0,0) (255,255)
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve OriginalNo
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve Brightness0
CanonVRD:ImageTone Curve Contrast0
CanonVRD:ImageAuto Lighting OptimizerStandard
CanonVRD:ImageAuto Lighting Optimizer OnNo
CanonVRD:ImageLuminance Noise Reduction4
CanonVRD:ImageChrominance Noise Reduction4
CanonVRD:ImageColor Moire Reduction2
CanonVRD:ImageColor Moire Reduction OnNo
CanonVRD:ImageShooting Distance100%
CanonVRD:ImagePeripheral Illumination100
CanonVRD:ImagePeripheral Illumination OnNo
CanonVRD:ImageColor Blur OnYes
CanonVRD:ImageDistortion Correction100
CanonVRD:ImageDistortion Correction OnNo
CanonVRD:ImageDLO Setting50
CanonVRD:ImageDLO OnYes
CanonVRD:ImageColor Hue0
CanonVRD:ImageSaturation Adj100
CanonVRD:ImageRed HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageOrange HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageYellow HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageGreen HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageAqua HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageBlue HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImagePurple HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageMagenta HSL0 0 0
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Contrast0
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Color Tone0
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Saturation1
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Unsharp Mask Strength2
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Unsharp Mask Fineness4
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Unsharp Mask Threshold4
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Sharpness Strength4
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Shadow0
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Highlight0
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Black Point+0.000
CanonVRD:ImageGamma White Point+2.000
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Mid Point+0.000
CanonVRD:ImageGamma Curve Output Range0 16383
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Aspect Ratio3:2
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Aspect Ratio Custom1.5 1
CanonVRD:ImageCrop ActiveYes
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Rotated Original Width5088
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Rotated Original Height3392
CanonVRD:ImageCrop X179
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Y70
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Width4500
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Height3000
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Rotation0
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Original Width5088
CanonVRD:ImageCrop Original Height3392
CanonVRD:ImageStamp Tool Count0
CanonVRD:ImageLens Focal Length560


Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) in Norman, Oklahoma, United States on February 19, 2023Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) in Norman, Oklahoma, United States on February 19, 2023