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DPP - Extracting all images with one click from the raw burst image tool.


I want to be able to extract all images with one click from the raw burst image tool.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Nadaaaaa,

There really isn't a method to extract all of the images in a single click. You would need to set the "range" to extract. You can set that range to be from the first to last image in the roll and extract them all that way. I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

Hello, John_Q! Thank you for the response and the work you all do 👍

I think the crux of the biscuit is that even if you do extract a range, it puts those extracted files in another roll. So you are left with yet another roll to deal with. I guess I could be missing something in DPP, but options are pretty simplistic, so I don't think I've overlooked it.

My thought is that if you want easy access to individual files where you can quickly pick n choose, your best option is just to shoot in burst as opposed to Raw Burst.

I will add that I was interested in the Raw Burst feature at first, but after using it with the R6 mark II, I'm not liking it as much as I thought I would: You can't batch pick and choose what files you want to extract as individual images; it forces electronic shutter; it forces auto ISO; and the list is long on disabled features when it is enabled (I scrolled through all menus). You will also need a very fast card as the R6 II, using elect. shutter, will pop off 20 frames in the blink of an eye. If your card isn't up to it, you are in for a wait while your target flies away. This is easily solved, but could be a problem for a new user.

Frankly, the feature needs a rethink, particularly in DPP 4... Maybe in the next firmware issue or DPP 4 release 🙂


EOS R5, R6, R6II. RF 15-35 f/2.8L, 50mm f/1.2L, 85mm f/1.2L, 100mm f/2.8L Macro, 100-400mm, 100-500mm L, 1.4X.

I absolutely agree with FloridaDrafter. I love the raw burst feature, but it is incredibly inconvenient to use if I want to pull anything more than one or two images from the roll.  If I want to extract multiple images from the roll (including extracting the entire roll), I must select and save each image individually. This is horribly tedious, and prone to errors.

Please make an option to extract multiple images.  


I echo the other posts:

Coming to an R7 from a 6 year old Panasonic Lumix G9 where RAW Bursts (Lumix 'Preshot') are stored as a series of separate JPG and RAW stills that open in any image editor, I find the Canon implementation of this very useful wildlife mode incredibly frustrating. I was amazed DPP doesn't allow extraction of multiple stills from a 'roll'.

DPP 4 on Mac is clunky and slow, but I'm forced to use it to open RAW Burst rolls.

I really hope RAW Burst and DPP's handling of them improves soon. Maybe Canon could add an alternative 'JPG Burst', with images saved as a series of JPG stills?

John_Q and all,

Yes, this is quite ridiculous. The planning of the raw burst with pre-shooting feature was woefully inadequate. It is a great feature on the shoot side, particularly for sports and wildlife. And it works well. But the inept software tooling is killing me. I want to never use raw burst with pre-shooting on this camera unless I have to -- which unfortunately isn't that often given I shoot sports primarily. Having to extract each picture individually per roll, meaning per "shot", which might be up to 60 pictures, is an absolute nightmare. And no, extracting a range in the software is completely useless as it just extracts another roll that can't be used for any real purpose. I can't believe how badly this has been implemented on the software / post side of things. Please for crying out loud update your software with a real, actual 'extract all photos' option. While you are at it, feel from to update the EOS Utility to be able to do this also when it transfers photos out and save your users an extra step of needing to use the burst tool in the first place, while giving us the option of either workflow option.

OK, I did so, now: how can I extract all images by one click? No hint in the in the Option+B tool. No hint anywhere.

At this point, you can’t.  Hoping this will change in a future update.

Its been like 2 years I have been not just struggling with using this feature, but also struggling how this ability to extract all is not table stakes?  Who came up this this operationalization as a good work flow?  Is resolving this even on the DPP development map?  If not can Canon at least let Adobe do it?


"the feature needs a re-think" is a candidate for understatement of the year.  That 'feature' of the RAW Image Burst tool is the worst!  Not knowing this before buying the R7 probably didn't affect my purchase decision, but it does make me relegate use of RAW Burst to 'must have' action situations.  WHY would Canon not provide a one-click export???  Just WHY?

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