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DPP 4.10: Dual Pixel RAW


I've been trying this with interest but am not seeing any results of note.


1. Once a focus correction is applied, it looks a little different, but I can't be sure of what way.  Is there a way to quickly A/B the comparison once this has been used?

2. What does "Strength" do and what advantages are there to using more or less of it?

3. Is "back" supposed to mean "away from camera?"  Or "back towards camera?"  (DEVELOPERS: I suggest clearer words such as farther and nearer for this.)


4. What circumstances should make the difference clearest?  For instance, short focal lengths?  Long?  Close or far focus?  Bigger or smaller aperture?"  I have a variety of lenses (RF24-105, RF50, 135L, 180L, others), which would give the most conspicuous change?


5. same question but for bokeh shift





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