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Connection failed for wifi on r50 camera to phone app


hi im having issues with my EOS R50, im not able to connect to it on my pixel 7 running android 14. bluetooth is fine but when i attempt to connect over wifi to transfer pictures it justs give me connection failed. ive run through all the tips on here to attempt to fix everything short of having to reformat my phone which i feel is a little unnecessary.


ive run on the latest cannon firmware for the camera and the cannon connect app and still unable to wifi connect for any of the features. I've hard wiped any Bluetooth and wifi settings on my phone to see if that would help but to no avail. any help would be greatly appriecated.



So it appears that the issue is fixed with the newest update. In the top right corner menu it has a security section now that allows you to change from wpa3-personal to wpa2-personal and it allows the connection between the phone and camera now. I havnt had a chance to truely dig into how stable the connection is due to work at the moment but thankfully it appears it is now working as it was intended.


Sorry for so much grief I've given those trying to assist and for being annoyed with canon.

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“ …it's canons duty to find away to correct it since going in and fixing it on Google end might break more. “

No, it isn’t Canon’s duty for fix anything.  The first rule of software development is do not break you codebase.  Doing so is comparable to eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

If Google broke it, then it is their job to fix it.  End of story.

Apple likes to do the same thing, but somehow they have been getting away with it for years.  Apple will force developers to rewrite their code almost from scratch, and often times force them to re-license their apps to work with new libraries from Apple.  Another round of this latter seems to be going on now.

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I knew this would be the stance. But we have no way to look into Canon's code to tell Google what they broke. We have a generic error message.

I bought a cheap android tablet and that is how I fixed my problem. It is working on that tablet.

You're wrong. Google isn't going to fix the Canon app. Even if their os update broke it canon is responsible. They may offer to help and give clues or they may not. Where do you get this. It's always been this way. Google, Apple, Microsoft none of them will fix an app. I'm a retired software developer. We always tested our mission critical apps before updating our operating system. If we updated and it didn't work we fixed it.


I indeed have their latest update for Google Pixel. You guessed it. December. I just submitted a feedback response to Google. I am happy to work with your developers to see if we can trap the actual error.

There is a new security patch for the Google Pixel scheduled for 1/5/2024. Tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that will fix the problem. If not, I will keep pinging Google to get resolution.


i have reached out to google and they said that since it seems to be an issue with connection between the app and the camera they are unable to provide assistance. while yes it might be an issue with some backend software on the pixel that its the app providers duty to maintain the apps functionality not theirs to make sure things dont break within the apps. so if someone could attempt to provide troubleshooting steps or update the app to fix the broken functionality on the pixel version of the app i would appreciate it.

“  … it’s the app providers duty to maintain the apps functionality not theirs to make sure things dont break within the apps. ”

No, it isn’t.  You have it backwards.  Google broke the licensing agreement.  Since Google broke it, then it is Google’s duty to fix it.   That is how it is supposed to work.

Let me put it this way.  You take your car to the dealer for a tuneup.  They return the car to you and it doesn’t start.  They say that you need to replace this, that, or the other because the new tuneup requires new engine parts..

"The right mouse button is your friend."



I'm sorry this continues to be an issue for some.  The January security patch has nothing to do with anything wireless. It addresses a local escalation privilege.  Of course we all know there are fixes that occur without our knowledge. 

I have continued to have zero issues connecting Wi-Fi only and (bluetooth only or both) to the CC App v3.1.10.49_1396 running on my Pixel 6 and 8,  Android OS 14 with the December security patch. 

I know this is not helpful but I have no way to reproduce the behavior as it works for me every single time I try. 

Wi-Fi Only


Select Smart Phone


Pair via Wi-Fi


Camera's SSID and password


Open Wi-Fi on your device and select the camera's SSID broadcast


Enter password


Once the phone connects, this bubble pops up


You can tap it which opens Canon Connect for you or open the app yourself.  Select the camera


You are then connected - Wi-Fi only


I just took these screen shots.  No problems with Android OS 14, My Pixel 6 or 8 (December Security Patch), or the Canon Connect App.  I don't see what Google or Canon is going to do as there is nothing for them to "fix"

I tested Wi-Fi only, Bluetooth only, both at the same time and 2 different phones.

I also connected the phone and camera to my home network and used the Canon Connect App with the camera.  (image browsing and control).  I am not able to reproduce the issue and have now tested on multiple devices.    

Works 100% of the time consistently.

Bay Area - CA

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I am suspecting the issues seems to involve connecting to the camera’s hotspot.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes something in the pixels canon app or pixel 7 environment is not allowing it to connect. Given the one guys reply say it was working on the 6 and 8 I'm not sure what would be different.

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