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Can't load canon software for T6i to my macbook air with OS 10.7.5


I just got a Rebel T6i and am trying to load the software onto my macbook air.  I get a message that says the software isnt compatible with my OS. My OS for my mac is 10.7.5.  I checked for updates on my mac and it says Im all updated.  How do i fix this?



What software do you want? You don't *need* any software for the Mac. I do just fine with iPhoto and Photos.

it is the software CD that came with the camera. The T6i instructions said I need to have the software downloaded onto my computer before I plug in the camera into my laptop.

I called the store just now that I bought the camera from and sounds like I need an OS on my mac of at least a 10.8.  I'm operating on a 10.7.  Just not sure how to change that yet.

For a Mac you don't need to install the software. Just plug the camera in and iPhoto should open to allow you to download the images.