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Canon 5DMIV, Canon Camera Connect App - remote live view - Auto Focus

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I am trying to utilize the Camera Connect App. with my new MKIV. I am able to connect the camera without any issue and download photos and change settings. My issue seems to be Auto Focus. Are you not supposed to be able to select a focus point on your iPhone with your finger and the camera should automatically focus on that spot? If so, this doesn't seem to work for me. The only way to focus is to either use the Manual Focus Option OR go into options and select the AF Button to appear and then use it to force the camera to Focus. In Live View you simply press the area you want to focus on, I would expect the same to be true if pressing an area on the iPhone screen, but this doesn't seem to work?


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Hello Sabciu, 


In order for ourselves and the community to help you, we would need to know which version of the iOS is currently installed on your phone.  

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I have provided more detail. Please assist, thanks.

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Hi, sabciu!


The forum is not intended for immediate assistance, but is designed for your fellow Canon owners to help each other out with any problems they may encounter. We do hope someone is able to assist soon! However, if this is a time-sensitive matter, please reach out to our US-based technical support team via Email at or by phone at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) and they'll be happy to help.



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Hello, and thank you for your response. I am using an iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 10.0.1. Thank you

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I also tried it with my iPad using the same 10.0.1 iOS and it yielded the same result. If I select the Video button, and click an area on the screen using my finger, the camera does focus as expected. However, as originally posted, once I switch back to the Still Picture mode, I cannot focus on any part of the image by selecting an area with my finger.