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Can't install Canon Software for MacOS Monterey 12.1


Hi everyone,

I recently purchased Canon 90D camera and want to install software on my laptop (Macbook 2017).

Can't install either of these software applications:

EOS Utility 3.14.30 for macOS
Picture Style Editor 1.26.10 for macOS 
Digital Photo Professional 4.15.20 for macOS

After I start * the extracting files window pop-up and nothing after. See screenshot.

Does anyone know how to deal with it?




When you downloaded the apps, did you check both the hardware and software prerequisites?  I do not think the Canon apps are compatible with MacOS 12, which was just released on 10/25/2021.  I also want to point out that Apple has since released two major updates, v12.1 and v12.2, which was just released on 12/17/2021.  

Canon has yet to announce a date when an update to Monterey may be released.

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While it is true gthat the Canon site doesn't list software for macOS 12, the macOS 11 software can be installed on my MacBook Air 2018 with macOS 12.1, which my MacBook says is up-to-date as of today.

Perhaps there are some permission issues; go to System Preferences and see if there are disk access permissions you need to authorize. The Universalinstaller needs to be authorized for Full Disk Access.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Look like this particular laptop has a problem.
I tried on my second macOS laptop and after extracting files I got an installation prompt.

But I can't find how to allow UniversalInstaller full disk access. In system preference, there's no such application as UniversalInstaller.


Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 18.01.48.png


Found a solution. The problem was exactly the same as here -

After I switched the region to United stated an installation prompt appeared.


Thanks for this link. Changing the system primary language enabled me to install DPP4 and EOS Utility updates finally on my Mac running the MacOS 13 Ventura. I had not been able to install updates for at least a couple of years.