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1 second lag 4-5 mins in when using r7 as webcam with obs


Hey everyone I’ve been experiencing this issue the last couple videos I’ve made, it started happening out of nowhere so I’m kinda confused. When I’m recording videos via obs with my r7 hooked up to my MacBook Pro via ubs-c I’ll get a very minor 1 second lag at around 4-5 mins in the video. After and before the lag video is fine.


I’ve tried messing around with settings on the camera, updated firmware etc. haven’t done a complete setting reset just yet(does firmware update reset settings?). I had started trying to film in 4k and thought that was the issue but going back to 1080 didn’t solve it.


If anyone has any sort of fix or suggestions on what I could do it would be highly appreciated! The lag fortunately usually doesn’t ruin the video but it definitely gives me anxiety when I’m playing the video back in fcp haha.


thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Cdawg,

Per your description, you have performed the troubleshooting steps that we would have suggested for the EOS R7 camera. Next thing to check for is to see if there may be something processing on the computer to where the computer will allocate resources to a different app or service.

Another thing to try is to see if this same issue occurs when using a different computer to capture footage from the camera. This would help in determining if the issue may be isolated to one computer or if it is the camera itself.


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