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I have a Canon EOS M50 Mark II that will download photos to but when I go to I can view them only on my Samsung Galaxy A20 phone, but not on my Samsung Android tablet. I want to be able to see them on my tablet so that I can keep or delete them when I access wifi in another country, which is the main reason I got a tablet--for viewing the day's images while traveling.

Please help if you can.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi svjphotog,

To trouble shoot this issue we would need to know what mobile operating system is on your tablet. That would help us narrow down if there is a compatibility issue with the tablet. Also are your photos shot in JPG format or RAW format?

If you can see the photos in on your phone that means the camera is uploading the photos correctly and is saving them correctly. If either was having an issue with the upload we would expect the photos to be missing when you view the account on your phone as well.

Hi Hazel: Thanks for your explanation so far. The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy A8 model SM-X200 with Android version 13. I use Google as a browser. I shoot and download both Raw and jpeg. Thanks for any light you can shed. P.S. I also can't see my photos in on my laptop, which is a 10 year old Lenovo Ideapad U430P, using the Windows 10 Home version. I can see my photos in only on my phone. I am getting close to going back to  a  black and white wet darkroom, something I understand!


Good morning, Hazel--

I worked on this some more last night and changed my password and voila, I can see my Raw and jpeg photos on all three devices: my phone, my tablet, and my laptop. I may have done some other tweaks but whatever I did, it worked! You do not need to research further. THANK YOU for your time and attention to this vexing problem. 


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