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EOS Rebel T7 - is there a remote that will work for record video?


Is there a remote that will allow me to record video (wired or wirelessly) with the EOS Rebel T7? My nonprofit is recording video podcasts, and I want three camera angles. My other cameras are newer and work with the canon camera app, but the app will not let my T7 record video. I purchased the Enegon Wireless Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release control time for Canon (because it said it could shoot video in the pictures), but it doesn't do what I need. I would appreciate any suggestions / help you can offer.


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Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings sgsloan,

Unfortunately, the EOS Rebel T7 does not have the ability to use a wireless remote for triggering the camera to take pictures or record video. Canon does offer wired remote controllers, but they would only trigger the EOS Rebel T7 to take a picture and would not provide the function to start and stop recording video.

Regarding third-party accessories, please note we are limited to troubleshooting third party equipment. We only have information on functionality and compatibility on products manufactured by Canon. Canon does not test third party accessories, so we are unable to confirm whether third party devices are fully compatible. For trouble shooting the third-party accessory we would recommend contacting the manufacturer of the device.

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