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Canon BG-R10 Battery Communication Issue


Hi All, I recently re-installed by BG-R10 grip onto my CanonR5 and I'm getting a battery communication error/"Is your battery a Canon" message. The grip worked well without any issues in the past. The battery is an authentic Canon LP6NH and came with the camera. If I insert the battery into the Camera, it is recognized. But, if it's in the grip, it thinks it not a Canon.

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Not sure if it's relevant but I updated to Firmware 1.60 before the battery grip was re-installed. 

Any thoughts on how to resolve ?

Thank you !


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi aswilsonpvt,

I'm sorry to hear your BG-R10 is not accepting your batteries. Since the batteries aren't giving the message when they're loaded in the camera that indicates they are not the cause. The BG-R10 is compatible with an EOS R5 running the newest firmware, so that shouldn't be causing the issue either. 

There are a couple of things to try. The first is to try cleaning the battery contacts with a dry microfiber cloth, and to double check there aren't any obstructions in the camera battery compartment or on the part of the grip that goes into the battery compartment. Sometimes if the battery contacts aren't clean or if there's something like just in the battery compartment it can cause issues like this. 

If that doesn't resolve the issue one other thing to try would be to put the batteries on a charger and leave them overnight. Even if they are fully charged. Sometimes if they aren't providing power how the camera/grip expects it can cause this kind of message and leaving them on a charger overnight can help reset that.

If the issue continues at that point we would recommend sending the grip in for repair. 

Attached is a PDF repair form for you to complete and include with your unit when it is sent in for service. Please fill out all fields as completely as possible, and include detailed information about the issue you are experiencing. Please be sure to accurately list all accessories you will be sending with your product. The form includes directions on how to package your equipment and the addresses of our service centers. 

The form also contains information regarding our Canon Shipping Solution with The UPS Store, which gives you a discounted shipping rate and discounts on packing materials if you need them.

Upon your unit's arrival at the Factory Service Center, a repair number will be assigned and we will send you an email to acknowledge receipt and provide the repair number. You can use your repair number to look up your repair's status on our Service and Repair website at and clicking on "Approve/Check Status".


Thank you !

I will send it to CPS for repair today.


I had a similar problem with the BG R10 battery grip. If you update the software just google YouTube there is an guide of how to reinstall the software. It seemed to fix the problem. Hope this helps

By software you meant firmware?

Yes I meant firmware 😃


I had the same problems with my grip and also after I upgraded the firmware of the R5 to version 1.60!


Sorry I meant firmware 1.82



This is the first I've heard of this.  This post is a year old.  The OP never followed up.  The poster from last December claims he re-flashed the FW on his body which resolved the behavior. 🤔 I'm not sure the two are related.

Firmware version 1.9.0 for the R5 was released 9/26.  Its stable and I have not heard any negative reports from anyone using it.  

Canon Support for EOS R5 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Battery communication issues can be caused by various factors.   You should remove the battery magazine from the grip before you install or remove it from the camera body.  Weakened batteries can also have issues.  I would not expect a weakened battery to be identified as non OEM.  Its also important to buy from a reputable retailer to hopefully ensure you aren't buying counterfeit gear.  The pins in the battery compartment and on the grip can be delicate, so take care when installing and ensure correct orientation.  

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FW 1.9.0 has been horrible experience for me on my R5. Same battery issue with Canon OEM batteries, camera black screening, camera locking up - only fix to pull the batteries.. I also run the BG-R10 grip and the R5 Control Ring Mount Adapter. Not a great upgrade in my experience...  These issues render the camera is at times unusable, particularly when using for sport photography where timing is so critical. Looking forward to the next one.

NickB (Bay Area, CA)
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