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which camcorder works best with mac computer

I am looking to purchase a camcorder for my teen ager.  She is interested in making short movies and using imovie and the mac computer to edit them, etc.  Which canon  camcorder would be best?

elvis25 by Apprentice
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Canon ZR500

I have a canon zr500 camcorder and it will not turn on. any ideas on what the problem could be?  The battery has been charged and is functioning fine in another camera.  Is the ZR500 worth fixing? I need one that uses the Mini DV tape so I can transf...

ZR50MC won't record, will playback a previously recorded tape.

The camera has been in storage for three years in a hutch,  was headed to a pagent this past weekend so installed a new backup battery and a fully charged main battery.When I fired it up I set the date and wanted to test a new tape to make sure it wa...

Segmented videos on SD card

I have several Vixia cams in the 30/31/300 series. When I shoot a scent longer than a few minutes, the cameras separate the scene onto several segments on the SD card. In FCPX the videos line up just fine by dropping them into the timeline one after ...

camcorder purchase

My friend recommended the Canon Vixia R32 but the price is a little more than I wanted to pay.  Would it be foolish to purcahse the less expensive models? Also what does R vs. M stand for?  Thank you 

susan by Apprentice
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HV30 vs HFM40, low-light, sensor size.

I have an HFM40 I am trying to match up with my HV30. The HV30 has a 1/2.7" sensor as opposed to the M40's 1/3" sensor. Low-lite shots make it difficult. Why is the HV30, with a bigger sensor than the M40, so bad in low-lite? The M40 rocks the dark!

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