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ZR65MC camcorder does not turn on with battery in position unless the power adapter is plugged in


Bought a ZR65MC camcorder in 2003.  Enjoyed it so much, but a couple of yrs. ago, the tape compartment stopped opening.  I just purchased another ZR65MC (used) on ebay in hopes that I could at least get the videos off & onto DVDs.  Also, we are planning trip to Yellowstone soon, so camera/camcorder will be nice.  Problem:  The used one does not turn on with a fully charged battery unless the power adapter is plugged in.  I assume battery is good because it turns on my older camera.  I do need backup batteries in both, but have not done this yet.  Please tell me I have not purchased a bad camera, maybe just doing something wrong?  Would have never purchased a used camera online, but did this time.  I have ordered a new battery BP-522 with wall charger.  It should arrive next week.  Any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Sharon72064,


If the new battery won't power the camcorder without the Compact Power Adapter, unfortunately, it's likely that an internal component has malfunctioned.

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Do you have any idea what Canon would charge to fix it?

I'm sure Richard won't post that out in the open, but for the benefit of everyone else and from personal experience, I'd estimate about $150 plus shipping.

Thank you so much.