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ZR65MC How to Record


Just pull this camera out of my dad‘s old box in the basement. Bought a new battery for it and got an SD card and plugged it in. Can’t figure out how to take a video and record it to the ST card. Every time I do, an error says in card position on the screen. Does anyone know if this camera can record video to an SD card or only to a tape? 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Brayham03,

Please note that the Canon ZR65MC camcorder is a product which is out of support life. Phone, forum, and email support is no longer available for this item. Please refer to the camcorder's product support page for information about this product.

In general, most miniDV camcorders do not allow video recording to the SD card and videos can only be recorded on to a miniDV tape. We suggest to review the user guide by clicking the above link for reviewing the functions of this camcorder.


Yeah, like Natalya said, read the manual.  It looks to me like that camera can only record video to tape; the SD card is for stills.  And bear in mind a camera that old will only take SD cards -- that is, the original, basic SD, also known as SDSC.  No SDHC, no SDXC, and that means no cards over 2GB.

So it makes sense that video only goes to tape -- a 2GB SD card would only hold about 6 minutes of video.  And SD cards of that era would probably be too slow to take video anyhow.

Good luck on getting it going, though.  It's always good to see some old tech getting some love.