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XH A1 Composite Output


Anyone know it is it possible to get the recording image rather than the viewfinder image? The knowledge base says yes, but the image shows two component terminals, while the camcorder really only has one. The purpose is to bypass the DV tape and record directly to a computer.


Can do?


Thanks, Rob


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi raweber,

Thanks for checking in with us!

The camera does have an HDV terminal which is actually a four-pin Firewire 400 port, which is also known as a IEEE1394 port on some devices. This is an older port that has been phased out and replaced by faster ports like Thunderbolt or USB 3.

Depending on your computer, you might be able to get an adapter to work with it. Or, you can look for an I/O box from companies like AJA, Blackmagicdesign, or Matrox that has support for Firewire 400 or SDI and can connect to whatever inputs you have on your computer.

Thanks, Nick. How about the SDI terminal? Does that capture the video in HD? I found a Blackmagic box that can tranlate to HDMI that I can capture.


Thanks, Rob