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What camcorders and operating system do I need to live stream to a usb port?





I want to use a camcorder to live stream video to a usb port for the purpose of streaming it to a webinar platform.


Here is what the webinar product manager tells me:


We support any camera or video device that is recognized by the Adobe Flash browser plugin.  Generally speaking, on Windows those are any camera or capture card that ships with a WDM driver.  The rule of thumb is that Flash Player supports any camera that is compatible with Quick Time on Mac and WDM (Windows Driver Model) on Windows.


The only other requirement is that the camera attach to the computer via a USB port.



I am hoping that there are camcorders that can help me accomplish this purpose.


I found this on the SONY site - not sure that it is relevant to my question.


  I would appreciate if you have any recommendations that will help me accomplish this purpose.  And thanks ahead of time for your attention to this question.




I am also looking for a camcorder that supports live streaming. I have a couple of additional requirements and some desirements.


1) wifi camera control and monitoring

2) an external microphone input jack

3) true HD video quality




1) live streaming over wifi.

2) USB 3.0

3) gigabyte ethernet

4) 802.11ac capability as well as 802.11g/n

5) simultaneously with wifi streaming camera saves HD video to SD card


All of this at a consumer/prosumer price point.

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