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Newby needing advice on equipment, cables and adapters to record Sunday services for our website


Good morning Canon community.  My name is Al. I live in southern New Mexico; Cloudcroft to be exact.  I am a member of Mountain of the Lord Faith Fellowship. 

We currently record our weekly service using a Vixia HF R800 mounted on a tripod.  After editing the video files, we upload the video to Vimeo and then link it to our website.  We also need to get that tripod out of the aisle.

We have a desire to refine our recordings by using 2 or 3 camcorders that are wall mounted on pan and tilt heads (remotely controlled).  We also wish to be able to use a switcher with monitors to change the video signal and angle so as to make the recording more interesting to the viewer.  We prefer to be able to edit the recorded video on the fly and minimize the post editing.

None of us have any experience other than using the Vixia on the tripod.

After some research, we decided to purchase 2 Canon GL2's, 2 Bescor MP-101 Motorized Pan / Tilt Heads with Remote + Extension Cable, a Marshall V-R43P Triple 4" Rack Mounted LCD Color Monitor, a Digital Video Switcher SE-800 DataVideo,  and a pc (laptop with HDMI and USB ports running Windows 10).


If I read the manual for the GL2 correctly,  the DV output might work to live stream the video to the switcher and the switcher might be able to send video output to the monitor and the pc.


Can someone confirm my theory?  I am waiting for an adapter, firewire 4 pin to 6 pin, to connect the GL2 to the switcher to further test our theory but I thought I would seek advice here while I wait.


If not, please advise me as to what equipment should accomplish our desired video recording procedure at a low price.


Are we missing anything?



I am now thinking that our system requires a video capture device such as the Elgato USB Analog Video Capture Device link.  I believe I could install it just after the switcher in line to the PC.  Does this make sense?