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MV600i not detected on Mac and PC - Can Not Import.


Hello everyone,


This is my first post here and after searching a bit across internet I thought I would give it a try here. As mentioned in the Subject, I cannot have the Canon MV600i to be recognized on the Mac or a PC. I will therefore try to explain you what I tried so far and describe a bit my installation. 


So I use to record a lots of video in the past until my camera died and recently I saw a second hand offer for a MV600i. Received it and tried to import my tapes with no success. My equipment:

  • Canon MV600i
  • Cable firewire 400 to 800
  • Adapter Mac Firewire to Thunderbolt
  • Cable FW 400 to USB
  • Mac Mini OSX El Capitan 10.11.1
  • Macbook pro mid 2014
    • OSX El Capitan 10.11.1
    • Bootcamp Windows 7


What I tried so far is I have been connecting the Camera with the FW 400 port to the different computer and cable combination with no success. The camera is plugged into the power supply, in VCR mode and with the AV>DV OUT mode enable.


I tried to have it recognized from iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro, but it does not even show up. Nothing from PC or Mac shows that there is something connected except from windows (bootcamp mac) when I connect via the FW 400 to USB cable, Windows detect a device and then fail to find the driver.


Went on the canon website but the software they offer is only an updater to their software offer via the CD (which I do not own).


On the Macs it is possible to see a Firewire connection but nothing connected to it.


I feel I tried everything and I was wondering if someone could help me, I bought the camera all the cables and adapters with no success, There is maybe something I do wrong I should look at before purchasing a new camera again or cables.


I would be very pleased if someone could guide me through this challenge, thank you.



In Premiere Pro what are the Capture settings?  The two options are DV and HDV.  Is Premiere on the Windows side, Mac side or both?  Does anything show in Finder when the camcorder is connected?

Hello, Thanks for getting back to me. In Premiere Pro the Capture Setting is DV, I can not see HDV. Premiere is on the Mac side only, I had to use a freeware to test on PC even tho the Camera should appear as a connected device. IT does not display anywhere in the Finder of the connected Mac devices. Just to point that only the FW400 to USB was able to provide a detectable signal. 


Also, when the FW400 to USB is connected to the OSX or Windows I can see on the screen DV > IN which I do not see with the FW400 to FW800 to Thunderbolt. If I unplug the USB cable from the PC but leave it on the camera the DV >IN sign on the Camera screen disappear so it detects a connection. 


Would it be a possibility that my FW400 to FW800 is defective even if I purchased it new ? Is there any way for me to test it?


Thanks again.

There is always a possibility that the FireWire cable is defective.  I would try another one to rule out the cable as the problem.  As far as the FW400 to USB goes I have never heard or read where that cable actually works because of the difference between USB and FireWire protocols.  Do you know of anyone who has a computer with a FW port to test the camcorder on?  I only ask because if it is recognized by another computer then it would rule out a bad FW port on the camcorder.

Yes after checking countless comments about it I know that FW400 to USB might not be the solution so I will leave it aside, but it was a good indicator for me to understand that a connection between the camera and the computer was possible and therefore the camera port was not defective.


I tried the same cable with a Mac Mini with a native FW800 port with no success att all. Nothing was detected.

I will try to order a new cable FW400 to 800 to see if this could be the issue. and will let you know the outcome. Thanks for the help!