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DV or HDV, 'Normal' or 'Widescreen'?




I have the use of a Canon Legria HF R57.


I think the camcorder is set at PAL AVCHD, which is correct.


Is the camcorder filming at DV, that is 720 by 480 pixels, 25 fps, standard PAL DV 4:3, or HDV 25fps at 1920 x 1080 (or 1280 x 720) resolution?


I am not sure if it is filming at 'normal' or 'widescreen'.

Thanks for any advice!







According to the manual when you are recording using AVCHD  you are either shooting in HD (1920x1080) or HDV (1440x1080) depending on what video quality/resolution you have chosen. 

50P, MXP and FXP all record at 1920x1080 (HD) when recording using AVCHD

LP records at 1440x1080 (HDV). 

There does not appear to be an option to switch between DV and HDV.  The options appear to be between HD and HDV when recording in AVCHD.


Even if you were recording using the MP4 format the video should be wide screen.   The lowest resolution it appears to record at is 1280x1080 (see the reference table on page 184 of the manual).


The video quality selected for recording should be seen on the right hand of the screen (page 36 of the manual).

For example: AVCHD MXP

Many thanks, VideoGeek


That's very informative and useful (I have bookmarked your answer for future reference).


Yes, it is 1280 x 1080px @ 25fps 16.9 widescreen.


Yes, it was showing AVCHD FXP.


Thanks again for your help and sorry for the delay in reply.



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