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VIXIA HF G10 Blinking HDMI menu items when HDMI cable is connected - Diagnosis?


I've been streaming live video through my Vixia HF G10 for the last year. Recently it has started to fail to send a signal through the miniHDMI out (or the capture card has failed to recognize it). I have noticed that when I connect my Vixia HF G10 to my Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card, the HDMI options in the settings menu *blink*. Why is this? I can't find anything in the manual. I have already: 1. changed HDMI cords 2. reseated the capture card in the PC. 3. reset the camera. 4. added a signal repeater equalizer in line for the HDMI. Thanks for your help!



Hi wolfpack!


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When the connection status is blinking, this usually means there is a bad connection or the connection is not supported.  Typically, removing the extras in the connection or changing cables clears this right up. 


What happens when you connect the camcorder via HDMI directly to a TV?


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am experiencing the same problem with my legria hfg25. The menu items are blinking. I have tried changing the hdmi cable, capture card, even another canon legria hfg25, what could be the problem? Its time sensitive

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