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Mac not recognizing Vixia HFR700

New Contributor

I haven't used this video camera in about a year, but it always worked fine before. Today, when I plug it into the USB and power, the TransferUtility LE doesn't recognize the camera. But, the LED screen on the camera shows a green "USB Connection" and no blinking USB symbol. So, the camera thinks it's connected properly.


Any ideas?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi rzamsky,

Things on your computer may have changed over the year that might be affecting this. Since we see the USB connection indicator on the camera we know the physical connection itself is working fine, so this is more likely related to drivers or acess permissions within the computer.


It would be a good idea to try installing the latest software from the support section of and then restarting your computer. If it is still not being reognized by your software I recommend opening a program on your Mac called Image Capture that will search for any imaging devices connected to your computer.