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Vixia HF R800 Cable data cable issue


I hope this is in the right topic, my apologies if it is not.

My issue revolves around trying to find a USB data cable that will work on my Vixia HF R800. On the Canon site in accessories it shows the IFC-400CU cable as being correct for my camcorder. I purchased said cable from Canon when they were still available. I have also purchased an XYZ Jungle store (Amazon) basic cable as well, just to try it out. Both cables fit into the USB on the camera with no apparent issues. i.e. they go into the port easily with no excessive force needed, they are snug in the port, and there are no scratches or  defects created on the cable end nor the camera by inserting the cable. Even though the cable end on the camera appears to be a slightly different shape than the end on the other cables the pin orientation seems to be correct and they are "correctly" going into the port matching the basic taper of the shape so it seems as though the pins could/should be making contact. All that said when I put the USB into the PC (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit edition; fully up to date) there is no sign of the camera being connected, no sound, no pop up, nothing shows up in the Device Manager with or without a yellow triangle. For the record I have also checked the port in the camera for any physical faults. i.e. lose or bent pins, loose socket etc. None of these issues are present short of taking the camera apart to check the board itself. I have also tried this on many different USB 2 and USB 3 ports, as well as trying it on my laptop with no success. Recently doing random searches for alternatives, I found a UA-100 USB Adapter Cable #5684B001 The picture of the end of this cable seems to more closely match my port on the camera. However when contacting the Canon authorized dealer about the adapter I have been told that that adapter is not compatible with my Vixia HF R800. So  I am presuming that they are correct and posting this here. I of course have an SD card reader to transfer files from the card into the PC. I would rather use a Data cable to transfer the files and avoid the extra wear and tear taking the SD car in and out. Does anyone have any information as to which cable I need or a possible solution. Thank you in advance to all that take the time to read this book and for any information you can provide.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

Thanks for checking in with us.

When transferring footage or images to your computer, you want to make sure that your camcorder is turned on and set to the corresponding playback mode for videos or images.

It might also help to use our CameraWindow software, which you can find on the link below:

In case the formatting doesn't work when you click on the link, try to copy and paste it into your web browser.

Thank you Nick2020 I will try your suggestion and see if that works. That is not the way I was attempting to transfer. I was turning the camcorder on and expecting that to make the R800 show in the list of devices/drives. I did download and install the CameraWindow software you linked in your reply. However, even though the software is installed there is no option for the Vixia Camcorder on the list of choices when I try to follow the instructions included in the DL package. The list is comprised of EOS, PowerShot and Other, under other the only listings are the Selphy line up. The Vixia HF R800 nor any other Vixia model shows up so the registration just closes. I do ALSO have a Ti7, that is not an issue though only the Vixia HF R800 is at issue. I will try the standalone software tomorrow after taking some test footage with the R800 and see what the result is.