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Vixia HF R400 - Grainy video at higher resolutions! Normal?


Hi folks. I am wondering if this is typical of this product. Playback of video is crisp and colorful, but VERY grainy when recorded at the highest resolutions i.e.: 35 mbsp (MPG-4 @ 60p). I recorded indoors in low to medium to medium-high lighting. My card is Sandisk Pixtor SDHC Class 10 32 gb. I viewed the playback on a hi res TV with HDMI connection. I can also see the grain in the camera's screen.


I would like to know if this is typical so I can decide on getting a different camcorder. Thanks much!





I have the same issue with a Canon Legria HF R46 that I recently got. I am curios for the reason this is happening and if I should hurry back to the store and change it !!!!

Well, I did exchange the HF R400 for another HF R400 and get the same exact results.

I am by far no expert in camcorders but having this grainy issue on a HD declared device is worrying !


Is there any expert on these forums (maybe a Canon representative) that could at least explain this to us so we can sleep well at night ? 🙂


Edit: I also forgot to mention that I have the grainy effect also on the camcorder screen and on all resolutions. True that it is harder to spot on the small screen but when played on a TV or a 21" monitor the effect is clearly present. I tried both the MP4 and AVCHD movie formats and the same effect is present...

It sounds like noise. That is typical in low light situations when the camera is at the limits of it's sensitivity. It is normal.

Thank you for your imput. True that it is more obvious in darker situations and upon further research on the web it seems that at least what I have seems to be normal.


Thank you!

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