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Vixia HF G30 compatible memory cards


I have a Canon Vixia HF G30 video camera.  I have been using memory cards with the following specs:  SanDisk Image Mate 120 MB/s, SDXC I, U=1, Circle=10, 64GB.  I just tried using 3 cards with the following specs:  SanDisk Image Mate 140 MB/s, SDXC I, U=1, Circle=10, 64GB.  My camera won't even initialize the new cards.  Is it a problem with the camera or are the new cards incompatible with the G30 camera?  Thanks to anyone who can assist.  Also, is there somewhere that Canon has an up-to-date list of compatible cards for their cameras?



Greetings See page 35 for a list of compatible cards/specifications.

hfg30-im3-n-en.pdf (


Note,  SD cards with a capacity of 64MB or less cannot be used to record movies.  ***This is from the products manual

Go with something like this.  This is from B&H Proto


Only buy cards from reputable vendors,  Avoid Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.


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Ignore the 120 MB/s and 140 MB/s values.  Those are theoretical read speeds.  SanDisk unfortunately makes those values the most prominent on their cards.  What is important for video (as well as photos) is the sustained write speed.

Do your cards have a V-rating (e.g. V30)?  If so, that will mean sustained writes of 30 MB/s.

The User Manual does list Speed Classes 2 through 10 (see page 35).  10 would be a recommended value, so your cards should be a-ok.

Having said that, some older cameras, even though they do support SDXC cards, have trouble with sizes greater than 32 GB.  So since your camcorder is also an older model, perhaps it too will have issues.

The final thing to verify though... are you using full-sized SD cards or micro-size with adapters?  Only use full-sized cards.


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