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Vixia G20 Color Washed Out


Below are two frames shot with the same amount of lighting at same time, the first from an iPhone and the 2nd from Canon Vixia g20


WIth iPhone:


IMG_0575 copy.JPG


With Canon:






As you can see the canon color is dark and color of skin is washed out.  


It is set to manual mode with manual exposure, auto white balance. 

If changing the whitebalance to something like Daylight it's making the subject far to bright with no color still. 

If leaving on auto mode video still appears the same. 


Is there something I'm doing wrong to make the color washed out? Right now it looks like the iPhone is much better. Thanks



Hello benzwm02, 


The still from the Vixia shows video that has an incorrect white balance and probably other exposure settings as well.  You mention having it set to manual mode which means any setting you input that is incorrect will be recorded that way, the camera won't correct for it.  It's hard to compare a still from an iPhone as it's overly processed compared to the Vixia and is working in an automatic mode.  White balance is best set as a Custom White Balance.  Using other WB settings that aren't proper for the scene can cause a washed out look  and color shifts.  

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