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Canon Vixia GX10 firmware


Has anyone been able to find a firmware upgrade for the Vixia GX10 with Clog-3? I checked the firmware file VNA4.FIM version for the GX10 and the XF400 and found the firmware files to be idetntical. Has anyone tried to install the VNA5.FIM on a GX10? I would like to use the C-log 3 picture profile on the GX10 to match my XF400. I did see the Vixia G60 did get a new firmware in Dec 2020 along with the XF400 with the new color profiles. 


I feel the XF400 firmware will work on the GX10 as the hardwar is the same. I do not understand why the consumer G60 qwould get the new firware with clog3 and the GX10 would not. The GX10 was marketes as the consumer versiion of the XF400. The G60 is not even as good a camera as the GX10 and both are consumer lines so I would expect a similar firmware to be avaiable as the rest of the line for the GX10. 




Canon controls what specific firmware can be applied to any piece of hardware.  Firmware specific to the XF400 would therefore cannot be applied to another model.


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So update. Yesterday I posted about the GX10 and firmware; which was not listed on Canon's website. Today I received in the mail a refurbished (from Canon / B&H) Canon Vixia GX10. The refurbished GX10 did arrive with firmware already installed direct from Canon. SO yes there is a Canon Vixia GX10 firmware version which does have the C-Log 3 picture profile.


Someone at Canon needs to update the avilable firmware on their website. This firmware became availble December 2020.

Is this true ?


When the XF400/405, XA50/55 and HF-G60 models got firmware upgrades with the new Custom Picture feature (the full feature, includiing Clog3) back in December, but the GX10 didn't, I took it as a sign that Canon were maybe phasing out the GX10. I wonder why they've added it now ? In response to public demand and/or maybe sales picked up ?


Good news anyway, assuming of course this firmware update will be posted on the Drivers & Downloads page and the on-line User Manual will be updated.



despide that canon seemded to put the XF400/405 to end of life state. I had one X405 ordered just to got told that XF405 is EOL after more than one month waiting. 

I'm very dissapointet about how canon seems to maintain their professional products: I already have two XA55 and want to add 2 XF405 because of the wifi remote control it adds to my workflow while mainaining the picture charactaristics of this great sensor. 

After all I got me two GX10 which is basically the same but without SDI. UNfortunatly Canon still has not pushed firmware 1.0.5 out altough the're not able to serve with an alternative product.


Why? This ignorance and arrogance canon shows to their customers is fearsome! Especially in comparison with other brands offering the double amount of value for the money.

So please with sugar on top... canon... show us that you finally care about your valuable customers and send us the v1.0.5 Firmware for the GX10.

Thank you!

@MandyDroid. Still no firmware update for the GX10 on the Canon support webpage. Makes me wonder whether you just got lucky and the Canon tech flashed the refurbished unit with firmware that was not intended for general release.

I think Canon is discontinuing this line along with the XF400/XF405 line. Canon seems to be leaving it's customers in the dark. They really should have released this firmware to the public. B&H now lists the refurbished GX10 model as discontinued. 

Great news guys 😅 

I just downloaded the XF400/XF405 Firmware put it on a SD Card... and guess what! 

The GX10 updated successfully to 1.0.5... and it's working like a charm with XF400 Fimrware 🥰

If someone looking for the files: here you go .

All's well that ends well.
Greetings, Denny

@dennydeutscher I wanted to try to install the from the XF400/XF405 but when my GX10 arrived with the updated firmware i did not get to try. I am glad it worked for you. I am even hapier that your camera did not get hosed! It is always scary installing firmwarenot specific by the manufactuer. 

I updated my second GX10 too... so 2x GX10 with 1.0.5... seemed to proof that it's working.