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VIXIA HF G40 - Zoom out problem, pleeeeeease help!


Hello all,

I have a Canon Vixia HF G40, brand new, a few months use.


It has started to zoom out automatically..  randomly I zoom in on a shot,, randomly (not always) it decides to zoom out on its own. Extremely annoying, I literally (sometimes) must keep my hand on the zoom button to prevent it from zooming out... I really don't understand what the purpose is, if this is a configuration issue. Where the hell can I go or do to stop this from happenning ?







After the compressed air worked, I also bought some Nexxtech (the Source) aerosol Contact Head Cleaner and sprayed it in and around rocker zoom. It has worked for me, if it stops again I’ll try doing the same, cheep fix for me. Good luck, love the Camera, but this issue........

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello serazoo,

Let's try wiping/cleaning around the zoom rockers to make sure there is nothing causing them to stick in any particular manner. This camcorder does have quite a few zoom control options that you can adjust in the menu. These are found in the Camera Setup menu. Please check the zoom/focus ring (back of the lens) to make sure it is not being obstructed or nothing there is causing it to move inadvertently. I would suggest resetting the camcorder to factory default settings to see if that resolves the issue. This setting is found in the System Setup (wrench) menu.


When this problem occurs there is something broken in the rocker switch that should not be broken and the whole side of the camcorder must be replaced. I have had a G30 and a G40. They are great camcorders but each has had that problem. To fix it you need the part and at least 20 tiny screws to remove and reinstall a process that is well beyond my capabilities. I sent the G40 to Canon and the last time they charged $400.

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