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VIXIA HF G40 - Zoom out problem, pleeeeeease help!


Hello all,

I have a Canon Vixia HF G40, brand new, a few months use.


It has started to zoom out automatically..  randomly I zoom in on a shot,, randomly (not always) it decides to zoom out on its own. Extremely annoying, I literally (sometimes) must keep my hand on the zoom button to prevent it from zooming out... I really don't understand what the purpose is, if this is a configuration issue. Where the hell can I go or do to stop this from happenning ?







After the compressed air worked, I also bought some Nexxtech (the Source) aerosol Contact Head Cleaner and sprayed it in and around rocker zoom. It has worked for me, if it stops again I’ll try doing the same, cheep fix for me. Good luck, love the Camera, but this issue........

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I just used my G40 last week for Volleyball game, zoom worked perfect. So far Compressed Air is a working for solution for me. Hope you can get it working again.


I've had the same problem for about a year with my G30.  Just used the compressed air.  Will find out tomorrow evening if it does the trick.


I replaced the zoom rocker switch (IMO the only permant fix) on my G30 that had the same zooming out issue, and I filmed a how to video. hope it helps! 


I have the same issue.  I bought this Canon Vixia HF G40 in 2016 (it's 2021 today) and this issue has been rearing its ugly head - intermittently during the last six months.   Usually, it seems anyway, I experience zooming out only when I've zoomed in 100% (or close to 100%).   In my case the zoom slowly creeps back out then stops - without fully zooming out.    At first I thought this was some feature engaged or setting that caused the unwanted zooming.  Sadly, after reading the numerous posts here - it seems that my wonderful Canon G40 is actually broken - and not supported.   =(


There is no way to fix this problem other than to send it to Canon. I have had to send my G30 and G40 in a total of 3 times to have that zoom problem fixed. the last time it cost $400.

@filbreen - It seems that I've been fairly lucky being that I've gone a solid four years without these zooming issues.   But, still, a camera that costs over $1000 should be more robust.    As for fixes - I have had a look at @davedogcaddy 's video and it seems that I could buy the part assembly from Canon for roughly $80 ~ $90 and perform the repair myself or hire someone to impliment the fix.   At least this can be done - otherwise I'd be looking at buying a new camcorder.



I've ordered the part assembly for my VIXIA HF G40 in my attempt to repair the zoom problem.  The assembly itself is the entire left side of the camera casing, according to Cannon.  I'll followup with a post upon initiating the repair.  The cost of the part assembly was around $104 including shipping (as of April 2021).  Many thanks goes to @davedogcaddy's video and the posts here - which have helped me decide to replace the entire assembly that includes the suspect rocker (zoom) switch.



I called the Canon Parts Order Desk at (866) 481-2569.  I found their number on the Canon site here.  The person working at the Canon Parts Order provided the part number after I supplied my camera model number, VIXIA HF G40.   


The part number for my VIXIA HF G40 (given to me by Canon) is




Which seems to be the same part number for the VIXIA HF G30 as well. 


The issue is caused by a small alignment defect in the rocker switch.


I permanately solved this without replacement parts by doing the following:

  1. Remove the rocker switch by following the dissasembly video found here on Youtube.
  2. Place a small srop of glue on the zoom side of the rocker switch. NOTE: Make sure to not get any glue on anything but the top of the switch. I used hot glue on the length of the switch. Then used a knife to cut it down to ~1 mm in thickness.

Reassemble the camera and check functionality.




Could you possibly post a video to show us exactly what you did?


I’ve been having the same problem lately. I tried the compressed air & head cleaner. It seemed to work for a couple of hours, but then the problem returned. I found that I could get it to stabilize by tapping it a couple of times, but that’s not a real solution & not something to try while recording. 

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