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VIXIA HF G40 - Zoom out problem, pleeeeeease help!


Hello all,

I have a Canon Vixia HF G40, brand new, a few months use.


It has started to zoom out automatically..  randomly I zoom in on a shot,, randomly (not always) it decides to zoom out on its own. Extremely annoying, I literally (sometimes) must keep my hand on the zoom button to prevent it from zooming out... I really don't understand what the purpose is, if this is a configuration issue. Where the hell can I go or do to stop this from happenning ?







After the compressed air worked, I also bought some Nexxtech (the Source) aerosol Contact Head Cleaner and sprayed it in and around rocker zoom. It has worked for me, if it stops again I’ll try doing the same, cheep fix for me. Good luck, love the Camera, but this issue........

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I sent it in to Canon USA, they fixed it fairly quickly.

I had this issue with my G40, sent back to Canon and they fixed it..  Just over a year to the date, it started doing it again.   So frustratrated, as i am sure they are going to charge me a small fortune to fix the same issue AGAIN.   


Zoom function is very important, I hope it still have technical warranty. I gues the configuration function has something to do with it.

Me too, is a well-known "Canon" problem. In the past with my Hf-100's 8 times !!!, with my Hf-G30 3 times and again with the HF-G40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!after 6 months

I bought a G30 several years ago. Within a year the zoom out problem began. I sent it in and Canon fixed it for free. It happened again a year later Canon fixed it again but not for free. To preserve my G30 I used it mostly with remote thumb control. When the rocker zoom is broken my $80 thumb control works fine as apposed to the $300+ Canon repair.Then to shoot more sports I bought a G40 hoping Canon had ironed out the problem. Often I like to shoot sports using a monopod and the rocker zoom is necessary for that work. Just yesterday in the outdoor dampness the zocker zoom started to drift on my G40. It is such a great camcorder for shooting sports I would still buy another one I guess.

the worst of all is that Canon denies the problem



Curious - we have the G21 with this issue.  When you connect an LANC remote thumb control, does it override the on-camera thumb controller, thereby creating a reliable workaround?


Thanks for your help!

I was having same issue, used a can of compressed air to blow out any dust around rocker zoom, I did it several times. And my zoom is working again.
Thinking particles from using it a lot , and maybe dust from sitting out while charging.


Same camera , same problem. 😞

I have the G40 and after two years of use it now has the same problem... I will give the compressed air trick a try before I consider paying Canon to fix. 

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