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Optura 50


I upload all of my videos from the mini cassettes to my computer.  I noticed that the pictures appear to blur slightly when panning.  I usually pan slowly in order to avoid distortions and/or problems with moving the camera too quickly.  Is this an issue with the camera or the computer?  If I pan from one scene to another, I may see this slight distortion and then when the camera is still, everything appears to come into focus.


Filming is of course standard and not HD.  Since I am considering the purchase of a HD camera, I wish to know if that would still be an issue.  Thanks for your help.





Hello Jules!


Thank you for posting about your Optura 50!


To help everyone determine what is causing this and if it is normal, please let us know what mode you are shooting in and what shutter speed was used.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Most of the filming is done using the auto mode and I never have changed the shutter speed.  The slight blurring appears even when filming normal scenes, such as trees, flowers, mountains, people, etc. and again only slightly when the camera is moved, i.e., panning.  As indicated, I pan slowly.


There are times when I will film in low light or night conditions and I have tried different modes.  The results are normally not as sharp or crisp, but I expect that in those conditions.  However in sunny or bright light conditions, I would expect the pictures to remain sharp even when panning.


Thanks for any help you can provide and thanks for your response.