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Need help streaming with HF R800


Could use some help with streaming with the HF R800 video camera. Not going too well so far.  I have an Elgato Cam Link 4K interfacing it with the laptop I am using with OBS Studio.  The external mic I use is the Blue Yeti.  Things went well before using this camera, with just a regular Logitech USB webcam, but I needed to move back and have zoom capability.  Since then the audio and video are out the sync, it keeps dropping off and "buffering", or freezing.  At first I thought it was the wifi signal but it's not.  Saw another post about using a Takstar SGC-598 mic and plugging it directly into the vidcam.  I need to get this thing working!  I am trying to stream church services to Facebook.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Bob.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi robertv_757 ,


We aren't able to provide extensive forum support for that camcorder. For additional options, you can reach our phone support line by calling us at (800)652-2666 on M-F from 9am-7pm EST and list for our camcorder department.


Have seen this with OBS and you have options to delay the audio in advanced audio settings which might help. Also, if using windows, install iTunes. You don't ever have to run it, but OBS will detect it and load the audio driver which is the best one - if successful, look at the OBS log file and you will see '[CoreAudio encoder]: Adding CoreAudio AAC encoder'. Also, ALWAYS start OBS in admistrator mode. 


Having the mic go directly into the R800 should also help with this too -


OBS tunes itself at start-up based on your settings and adds its own delays here and there based on the performace characteristics of the machine its running on; like how long it takes to render a frame, and if you are downsizing to a different format, etc. If your webcam was 720p and the R800 is 1080p the processing time has most likely increased by the delay time. Check the OBS logs, they will tell you a lot.


I have a older canon HF-S200 hdmi connecyt and audio in from a digital mixer through an ATEM mini USB2 and I have about 23ms audio delay on a 6 core windows 10 machine with a nVidia GPU, ssd, the works. 


All the best,