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XA11 PAL version


I am new to the board and also to videography. I am considering purchasing the XA11 to film regular dance performance videos my wife makes with her partners and students. We have been using an iphone or gopro and its just not working. But I am trying to do this on a budget and was offered an XA11 in the Pal version at a big discount vs the NTSC version. If I'm correct, I can set up the camera to save the files as MP4 in the XA11 settings. If I do this, then I am assuming the files will play like any MP4 and whether its PAL or NTSC won't matter - as long as I set this to MP4 in the setup.  I am a bit confused about this and hope some of the more experienced people on this forum can kindly help explain this and hoopefully confirm I understand this correctly.


Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi barrydiamond,


Thanks for checking in with us!


The PAL version of the XA11 is intended to be sold overseas and so does not come with a warranty here in the US. The camera would also shoot at 25 or 50 frames per second, as opposed to 24, 30, and 60 fps for US versions, which is consistent with the PAL format.


You could still edit the footage in your editing program and might be able to retime to US standard frame rates, but that might add an extra step to your workflow and/or produce footage that is not as smooth as it could be.