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Help Needed locating a HDV/DV data transfer cable for a Canon HDV 1080i Camcorder


Hi, So I have this old camcorder and I would like to upload some taped video to my computer so I can edit the video. I have somehow lost the IFC-300PCU USB cable that came with the camera and I can't find one anywhere. I ordered one from Amazon, but the connector was not quite right. Does anyone know where I can get such a cable? 

Anyone know a source for such cables. The canon site doesn't have them and I've also checked Amazon, eBay, and B&H Photo. Would appreciate any help you might be able to offer.




Typically DV & HDV cameras use firewire to transfer video, not USB. The USB connection is usually there for photo transfers. I know you can still get firewire mini to firewire 400 cables but most PCs & newer Macs don't have firewire connectors anymore. However you can still buy firewire cards for PCs for only a few dollars and some look like they come with the right cable.

Thanks. That might well be typical, but on page 3 of the manual that came with this camera, the Supplied Accessories list an IFC-300PCU USB cable.... and on page 75 the manual describes how to use said USB cable to capture the video to your computer. I'll check for a firewire card and see if the connector looks right. 

On second thought, I don't think I want to pay to have a fire wire card installed. It's not something I'm going to need for long (just long enough to upload half a dozen tapes.  It would probably be cheaper to rent a camera to use to transfer the video from the mini tapes to the computer. 


One other point to remember is that transfers from DV & HDV will require ingestion software that may control the camera during the process because the vision is imported in real time as the tape plays.

It's a Canon HDV 1080i. I typically use Premiere Elements. It has worked in the past. I'm assuming it will still work. 


You can get a firewire input on new Macs, and it can ingest HD video. However, the software to do it is disappearing fast. Adobe Premiere is dropping support for it, and I suspect others are, too.

What is the exact model of the camcorder? I wanted to look at the manual.


Hi Guys,

kvbarkley - Page 57


The card and cable are inexpensive.  For 6 tapes, this is when you send them out to a service.  You'll get 2-3 DVDs and will have all your memories.

Depends on what's on the tapes.  If it were me, I'd have to get the card..  Good Luck  🙂

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While a service can indeed be used, please note that the output will typically be to DVDs that are copy-protected (difficult to duplicate) and you'll deal with whatever compression the company will use.    If you need the digital files to serve as more of a "master" copy, then doing your own ingest to your computer would be best.   Over time you can then make copies for output using better codecs.


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Thanks Ricky. The whole point of what I’m going is that I have some footage that I want to edit, so I guess a service is not the best solution.  I’ll keep looking for a cable.