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Having trouble with my Canon Vixia HF R800 all of the sudden- where am I going wrong and what next?



My Canon Vixia was purchased over a year ago. Great camcorder. I use it to record our church's worship service weekly to put it online. Roughly 48 hourish long videos per year. 

After recording, I press the record button to stop taking footage, then wait a minute or so before turning it off. I eject the memory card (when the camera is OFF) about an hour after each video is recorded. Then it goes straight into my laptop (ASUS, which uses Windows 10). I use Windows Movie Maker to splice video clips from the service together and upload it online. 

My last memory card was a Sandisk. I had used it maybe 8 times- all of the sudden, my video files weren't there after recording. I put the memory card in my computer, and it showed no file folder on the SD card for the day of the recording (note- I always delete the week prior's files before recording a new week's video). 

I got a new memory card, thinking the files had been corrupted by shutting it off too soon in haste after ending my last video. I initialized this new memory card. It worked great for high performance video for a night! No issues. All was well. 

Now for my second video using this SD card with my camcorder, all of the sudden, the video files recorded as "MVI'. I tried to insert it back into my camera (after safely ejecting from my laptop), but no files showed on the camcorder.
I got an error message when I inserted the memory card into my computer again (which is an Asus), and a message to scan it to try to repair it (a message I have received before, but seldom). 

I have never seen a file recorded in MVI, and it usually records in mp4, so I was a bit confused.
I also don't understand what keeps messing up the files, when I haven't changed my normal routine or any of my video editing software.

Is MVI usable for editing- I read it is a "container" of sorts? Is there a reason the first time recorded in MP4 but now it would switch to MVI? I am a bit lost as to what is suddenly going wrong. I don't want to keep losing my files, and want to know what I can do to prevent this from happening again. Thank you- any insight will help!