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HF G30 time code question.




I just received this camera and plan to shoot legal depositions with it. Problem is that I can not find a way to make the time code and date appear on the video after it has been moved to the pc. Without time and date on the video I could not use it at all. I have spent the last two hours on this and no luck. Thx for any suggestions.



There aren't a lot of modern cameras that support "time-code burn in" for legal depositions anymore. All the timecode and other information is kept in metadata now.  Most of the solutions I can think of for getting this to work involve either post production or downconverting to SD. I can't say I've seen this feature on a new camera since about 2003.


You may be able to use the HDMI out of your HF G30, leave the date and time displaying on the HDMI out, and record that to another device?

I'm a cinematographer in Chicago using mostly Canon gear. I also founded MKE Production Rental in Milwaukee.

I have the same problem. I have read the manual about HDMI out but don't understand it. I need my videos to have the date and time stamp for court purposes as well. Any suggestions? Other low light cameras? 


I havea canon r500 and you can display the date and time on that (only a few months old). Low light is not so good on it though.