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R5C preset image file names.


I recently purchased an R5C.  I own a 7D (wasn't worth selling by the time I upgraded), 5D MK III, 5D MK IV and a EOS R.  They all have a preset generated code for the file name.  I thought it was the serial number but the serial numbers don't have letters in them.  It was super handy to have this distinct 4 character code. 

My R5C has IMG as the default preset.

A friend of mine has an R5 and asked what the preset file name was and it was a generated code like all prior photo cameras. 

Why has Canon not used the same setup for the R5C photo side? Using IMG as a default is a good way to end up with collisions if multiple cameras are in use.  Yes I am aware I can specify my own file name for. I am just curious why they decided to change it.




Not sure I understand what you are describing.

This is from the 7D's manual:

eos7d-im2-en.pdf (




Still images use a standard naming convention.  IMG_xxx.  Unless you change it to something else.  If you change the color space to AdobeRGB file names are preceeded by an "_"

It would be helpful if you provided an example of the naming convention you are expecting vs. what you are seeing.  

Collisions happen when you swap cards between cameras without formatting.

Your friend's R5 is the same.

Canon : Product Manual : EOS R5 : File Naming (


The R5 C follows the same default naming convention as the other camera's

eosr5c-aug4-photo-en.pdf (


Standard naming begins with "_" or "IMG" unless you change it.  

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The 7D has default set to IMG_.  I miss-remembered that camera. 

The 5D MK III, MK IV and R all have a set of 4 alpha numeric characters as the default prefix for file names instead of IMG_. This prefix was set when the camera was received and is the default for each camera, unique to each camera. LIke the R5C the other 3 cameras offers an option to specify something else, but the default is not IMG_.   All of the cameras show what the default is on that screen as well and for the 5D MK III, IV and R its not IMG_ but as the manual below describes.

Here is the manual for the 5D MK III.  In this manual it shows BE3B as being the prefix.  When you go into the menus for all 4 of the cameras (III, IV, R and R5C) they all have a default name that is not user changeable.  They all have 2 user settings that can be changed.  For the III, IV and R they all have different (seems random) set of #'s and letters.  The R5C has IMG_




This is just a guess, but for the DSLRs the 5 series and the 1 series, both of which have the four discrete character, they are frequently used by wedding photographers (5 series) and sports/journalism (1 series) where multiple photographers in a company may be shooting. The unique IDs let the image reviewers identify the shooters and Lightroom, for example, can sort on the file prefix. 
Maybe Canon is figuring that there won’t be multiple videographers.  But only Canon would know for sure why it’s that way. 


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