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HF G10 - Supplied software different than online software?


I just purchased a Canon HF G10.


The software included was Pixela Videobrowser v 1.2 and Transfer Utility v 1.1.


However, when I went to the Canon website to see if I had the most recent version of these programs, under the Software for this camera those programs weren't even mentioned. Instead my options were ImageBrowser EX 1.1, CameraWindow DC 8.8, ZoomBrowser EX 6.9.0 Updater and ZoomBrowser EX 6.7.2 Updater.


I'm not entirely clear what I should be installing from the collection of software?


Also, I can't find an update to Videobrowser v. 1.2 on the Canon site, but there seems to be a v. 2 (or possibly v 2.6) on the Pixela site, but it is difficult to tell if this is for Windows 8 or not (I have Windows 7 x64).


Hi TommyG,


Thank you for posting about the software.


The software that came with your HF G10 is made by Pixela, not Canon.  This is why it is not listed on the website.  The applications that are listed, ZoomBrowser and ImageBrowser, are Canon applications and they are for working with still images you may download from the camera.  For any assistance with the Pixela software, I recommend that you contact Pixela directly.


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Thanks Mike,

I think it is unfortunate that Canon doesn't provide their own software and support for getting videos off their cameras. Pixela has very poor customer service and website support.

Per their site: "The reply to your inquiry will take about seven or more business days. Please note that we do not reply depending on the content of the inquiry."

It is my understanding most people get the "no reply" response.

Bravo (to say the least)! Canon, fix this wrongminded policy.
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