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G50 Buzzing noise when starting up


i have a newer g50 " used 10x's  . it just started making a buzzing noise when i turn it on. it's a mechanical noise like you would hear if you had an old wore out computer fan or a nosiey servo buzz. sometimes it's quick and other times it goes for awhile 3-4 seconds . the camera works fine just a startup nosie . any ideas. canon has no clue and i really don't want to send a brand new camera in to be taken apart and put back together . sorry i ever left sony now . 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi rcflyer,


Thanks for checking in with us.


It is possible that you might hear some mechanical sounds as the camera powers on. If Image Stabilizer is turned on that might also be a factor. To disable it, you can go to MENU - CAMERA SETUP - IMAGE STABILIZER.

The environment that it was in was damp but warm. i brought it up stairs where it's very dry and warm and after it sitting a few hours it's working fine meaning no prolonged buzzing. it has the usual start up clicks and such but no loud buzzing. huu? thoughts? i

ll turn it on and off through out the day. what ever it was i have never hear it before and doesn't strike me as being " normal" 

Our camera equipment is designed to work in 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit and with a working humidity of 85% or less. In more extreme environments, the camera may or may not work properly. If the camcorder was stored in a particularly humid or warm environment, then that could cause the camera to produce more sounds or operate differently.

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