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Focus ring doesn't work


The  focus ring on  my Vixia HF G50 is very stiff and has no effect on  the image  no  matter  how  many turns  I give it.  I've got the button on the back of the camera set to  Focus, and have reset  all preferences to factory settings.  I've clicked the  MF button on  the screen flip-out frame,  but nothing happens when I try to  focus  in either manual or auto mode.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


Based on all the settings you'd changed and resetting the camera, it sounds like the ring may need to be serviced. Especially since the ring does not turn as freely as it used to, that is a sure indicator that something may be out of alignment.

Thanks for your reply-- do you know how easily that ring should turn? Mine has always been quite stiff-- far more stiff than the rings on my two DSLRs. Also, it seems to be working now, but it takes several turns to make much difference in the focussing distance. It's not a very responsive control-- if that's the way it's designed, I'll rarely use it.

Hi graphicsgeezer,


The focus ring should feel similar to that of other VIXIA camcorders, so you may wish to visit a local electronics store and compare your model to the one on display. Depending on the focus adjustment being made, sometimes you will need to turn the dial several times to shift focus to your subject.


I found that the manual focus did not work but the zoom ring did. would work as a zoom. In manual mode, the focus ring would change the focal length as dispalyed next to MF, but the lense and image did not change

I fixed this by setting the Focus Preset Speed under Menu > Camera Setup > 2, 3rd item down.

I then set it back.   It seems as though this is initialized to zero, but setting it to anything corrects this.


However, the AF/MF does not work in auto mode as it should according to the online manual, p.54


The ring is a bit stiff, but I think it's OK for me.  Adjusting the Focus Preset Speed may help you.


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