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Download and SD Card problem

I have a Canon Legria HF R57 camcorder and I am trying to download a movie without success.
Windows 10 can 'see' the camcorder (in Devices and Printers) but no files inside it. Canon's recommended software for video import is Pixela's Transfer Utility LE, and that can't see any files inside the camcorder, either.
After connecting the camcorder to the mains - without connecting any USB cable from the camcorder to my PC - I see a small symbol in red that looks like an SD card in the viewfinder, and when I connect the USB lead (the camcorder icon does not appear in Devices and Printer but does once I press 'Play' to download the movie), the viewfinder gives me 3 options to download:
'Select the memory for connection"
a) All (for PC only)
b) Built-in Mem
c) Mem.Card
Mem. Card is 'greyed out'.
Does the small red symbol, referred to above, and option of the SD Card that is 'greyed out', mean that the SD card is unavailable? I am just wondering if the video files are on the SD card but Windows tells me it can't see them because the card is unavailable?
I didn't set the camcorder up before filming, so I am a bit in the dark, and I doubt the SD card is corrupt because it's only been used once for about 20 minutes.
How could I unlock the SD card, please, if that is, indeed, the problem.
Thank you.


Did you format the SD card in the camcorder before you used it for the first time?  If yes, have you tried removing the SD card and using a card reader to see if the files show up?

Hello VideoGeek


Thanks for your reply.


I am not sure if the card has been formatted but I have managed to retrieve some footage from it.


The problem was that the 'door' that covers the SD slot was open and Windows could not 'see' the card.


Thanks again for your reply and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.