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Convert Camcorder video signal to alternative monitor, older video mixer


Hey folks,


I'm trying to use my HF G50 camcorder as a live video source in visual performances with an old video mixer, specifically a VIDEONICS MX-1. Unfortunately the signal coming from the mini HDMI output seems like its only compatible with a standard HDMI monitor. I get no signal when using the HDMI to RCA cable that works just fine with my computer. I get no signal when going straight into the projector. 


Has anyone had any luck getting a signal on anything other than a hdmi monitor? Is there a converter or a processor that can expand on whats "compatible" with this camcorder? 


I appreciate any assistance!








I have not tried this nor do I have a HF G50 camera. I would recomend trying an adapter with a power supply. Check this link at Amazon for a possible solution. I have found some signals need power / amplification to work on other devices.


[Commercial link removed and replaced with screenshot to facilitate discussion.]



Anytime you have an HDMI signal you have to convert it to a format suitable for your computer or other device. I have used an Elgato Cam Live (available on Amazon). I also am using a Blackmagic ATEM Mini switcher for live streaming to Facebook, Zoom, etc. for live church services. That unit has a built-in converter, so none needed. This will be the case for any video camera with an HDMI feed.