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Canon ZR 850 video camera Older camera needing software to download to computer


I've got a trusty ZR 850 mini video cassette recorder and am trying to download the many tapes that I've made, to the computer. Unfortunately, any software I locate online says that its not compatible with my Windows 10 that I'm currently running. Has anyone got any suggestions?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

The easiest way to get the footage from your tapes onto a computer would be through a USB capture device with either a Firewire port or the A/V inputs the camcorder's A/V cable has on one end. This USB capture device would read the camcorder as a video device similar to a webcam from which you can record the footage in realtime with any software that can see a webcam and has a record function.

You mention a USB capture device. What type of device would you suggest?

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi KayS,

Through Canon support we can only recommend products made by Canon. We do not make USB capture devices through Canon, so there aren't specific ones we can recommend.

Alright, so what can you recommend so that I can download my videos, using Canon products?

Thank you

As stated earlier, Canon doesn't make USB capture devices.  You'll need to see what hardware is available for your particular computer and operating system.  e.g. you can search B&H Photo for "USB capture device" and find several possibles.  To include one from Elgato which I believe may work with your computer.


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Thank you for your input. I'm against the wall and need to try something.