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Canon Vixia HF G60 - Questions on: Gain dB versus ISO - and other questions


Hello. I usually use my Canon 90D and M50 DSLR cameras for shooting videos. I recently got a new Canon Vixia HF G60 from Best Buy. I'm liking it so far, but as a beginner in Canon camcorders, I have questions please.


1) I fully understand what ISO means as it relates to exposure values for DSLR and film cameras. But I have no idea how to adjust "GAIN" setting properly. Is there a way of converting GAIN values to ISO values? For example, if my Sekonic 308XU light meter gives me an incident light meter reading of f4.0 @ 1/50 @ ISO 800, what GAIN number do I use on the G60 camcorder to match my Sekonic reading for the ISO value? When I tap on the "GAIN" button on the LCD menu, I get choices ranging from 0.0dB to 39.0dB. What dB number should I use to get the equivalent of ISO 800? Is my Sekonic 308XU light meter even useful for applying exposure values on the G60 camcorder?


2) Is there a faster way of adjusting/changing audio levels while recording? The manual says to press the FUNC button on the LCD screen, which reveals more hidden menus to tap on before I can change the levels up or down. This is a bit slow and cumbersome process. Is there a better/quicker way than having to press the FUNC button and tap on more menus?


3) If I attach and use the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus external shotgun mic to the camera (the mic is self powered), do I need to turn off the microphone power setting in the camera menu? I read something in the manual about potential conflict of using a mic that is self powered versus non powered.


4) I was highly considering buying the Canon XA50 instead of the G60 because I was interested in that top handle that offers more audio/microphone features. Is it possible to buy a top handle as an optional accessory? If so, is there a buying link? In the end, I got the G60 for the $1,499 sale price versus the regular price of $2,199 for the XA50 since I'm unsure how often I would ever use the top handle audio functions.






At this time we do not manufacture a handle unit with XLR inputs for this model.  We regret any inconvenience that this may cause you at this time.  

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Thankyou very much for the reply. I have decided to get the Sony NX80 instead. Sony likes us. 🙂

@Casey415 "Out of the various assignable buttons available, none of the choices allow for changing to audio mic levels. This makes no sense because this is an important function, way more important than some of the other available choices available. It's slow and cumbersome having to press the FUNC button on the LCD screen and fiddle around with layers of menus just to be able to change the audio recording level. Sad"


I agree entirely. One of the things that set the Vixia/Legria HD camcorders apart from the competition was the onboard audio management, including the availability of an  'audio level indicator' with actual db scale and peaking that could be pulled up on screen with the touch of a button.


If and when I do get around to upgrading to a 4K camcorder, this will certainly be a major consideration.  


Can't understand also why Canon dropped 'Hightlight Priority' mode ('look') on the 4K models. I find it much more useful than 'Wide DR'. Yet another reason why I'm hanging on to my HF-G40.