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Hello everybody. Alittle bit about my equipment and my problem. I have a 60d, a 70-200L ii, 24-70L ii. I took them atv riding in the desert and I noticed now that there is sand in my equipment (not that I'm surprised. Ok maybe alittle being that Cano...
Should I use a regular ND filter with a solar filter. Or just the solar filter
Does anyone know if the **bleep** tightness ring can be moved without turning the focus too? Whoever designed this lens should be taken into a dark room and beaten
Does anyone know where I can buy I good solar filter for the eclipse this close to the date1000 oaks are out of stockI have a 100-400L version 1A threaded filter is the best but I can't find any one that has 77mms in stockSo if anyone knows the circu...
I'm having trouble finding a solar filter for the upcoming eclipse. Mostly because I don't know what to search for. Can anybody help.I need a 77mm filter for 100-400L ii
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