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I use a Canon 1100D.I would like to know what is the most suitable metering mode to photograph a back lit subject in natural light such as a bird pearched on a twig overhanging on a water body in setting sun and why ?
I have a Canon 1100D.I would like to know if 'focus lock' is possible in all modes of exposure of this model, whether in Basic zone or in Creative zone.
I would like to know the best method for focusing DSLR camera for taking a sequence of shots to be merged into a landscape panorama.I know that the basic idea for a landscape panorama is to hold the exposure absolutely  same for all the individual fr...
Is it a fact that most digital cameras can cut down ultraviolet and infrared parts of the electromagnetic radiation on their own and therefore do not require separate filters for that purpose? If so, even an entry level DSLR, like my Canon EOS 1100D,...
I have a canon EOS 1100D  which I always use with an UV filter.If I want to use a circular polarizer, do I have to take off the UV filter,or the polarizing filter may as well be mounted on it?
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