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I have a. 5d Mark 4 and. have never been able to get the wifi to workI have downloaded the utiity six times.  It will not open up .MACBOOK air  ventura soft wareAnyone have similar issues ?
Is there any point getting a 2x extender 111 for a 70-200 f4 ?I have a 5D Mark 4. Would the AF work ?  90 plus percent outdoor shooting. F8 too slow ?Thanks 
Hi There ;Anyone having trouble  with setting up 5Dm4 Wifi with MAC  Monterey ? 
I can get a mint 17-40 for $300. Is a new 16-35 worth the difference at $1100 ?Have 24-70 2.8 as well.
Hi There ; I have a 5D Mark 4 with 24-70 2.8 , and 50mm 1.4.I do just "general hobbyist"  photography and was  wondering if an Ultra wide zoom would be useful or just extra weight in the bag ?The 11-24 seems hard to justify for the price if it's not ...