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Unable to get the GPS to work on my Canon GP-E2 with the Canon XF400. GPS light keeps on blinking


I just bought a Canon GP-E2 so I can geotag my videos because this is the recommended accessory for doing this on my Canon XF400 camcorder. I installed the latest firmware on the GP-E2. When I connected the GP-E2 to the XF400 using the Canon supplied USB cable, I couldn't get the GPS data onto the XF400 even if I have enabled the GPS tracking on the XF400 setup menu. The LED light for the battery and the GPS turns on every now and then and the GPS light blinks 3 times. I tried this outside but I cannot get the GPS coordinates.

I have no other ideas on how to get it to work. I even left the GP-E2 outside for at least 5 mins, but it still could not get the GPS data. Could you please help me get my GPS to work?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

Even if the GPS is not connected to any camera it should be able to find location data, so one thing I would suggest is to take the GPS unit (and camera if you'd like) for a drive to see if there is somewhere else it can better establish a connection. This wouldn't be a guaranteed fix but in case there is some kind of interference near your current location this would remove that variable.

Thanks for your suggestion. I upgraded the firmware. I tried to leave the GP-E2 outside for about 30 minutes but it still can’t get a signal. It is evident that it is defective so I decided to return it.

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