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EOS R5 C: Please Make an LP-E19 Battery Grip 9V 3A Power Options for 8K 60P + Lens Support


The biggest problem with the R5C, as you see all over social media and forums is the power. Specifically delivering enough power to get the full potential of the camera without compromises.

Meaning I want to get 8k 60P with full lens support.

So Canon... Can you make a grip that has enough power to get the max features out of the camera? The current battery is 7.2 volts. The only way to get the full power of 9V 3 Amps is through the USB-C cable or using the canon battery adapter to PTAP or A/C adapter. That method is a bit messy with cables and the chances of losing power is high. The beauty of the camera is the small size. My solution: Create a battery Grip that uses the LP-E19 batteries and delivers 9v, 3 amps to the camera so that we can get the best usage out of it. CANON CAN YOU MAKE THIS?! or make one with the Canon C70 batteries?! 

If there is a better place to ask for features or products let me know!



That is awesome!  And thanks for sharing the details & parts list!  (Can't believe neither Canon nor a 3rd party have made something like this, but kudos to you for making it yourself!)

The struggle is real! 😂

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