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Comica CVM-D02 Dual Lavalier Microphone not working on VIXIA HF R300


I plug in the Comica lavalier mic directly into the camera, but get no sound.  I am a teacher in a middle school and we have 20 of these cameras.  

Is there a specific setting or certain type of lavalier I need for this camera?  Thank you. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi spillersd,

Thanks for checking in with us.

As you might imagine, we aren't able to test every microphone on the market, but if the microphone is compatible, then you shouldn't need to make any adjustments on the camcorder.

There are a few things to check with the lavaliere mic you're using. First, make sure that it is powered by a fresh battery. The camcorder cannot provide power to external microphones.

After you've confirmed that, connect the microphone and make sure that the cable is all the way in the mic port. Turn the microphone on and do additional tests.

If problems persist, double check the specifications of the mic that you purchased. If it mentions that it is specifically designed for smartphones or iOS devices or makes reference to a TRRS connector, as opposed to a TRS connector, then it won't work on the camera.

The two connectors look similar, but the TRRS connectors have an extra ring. While the link below is not an official Canon resource, I personally find it helpful, and it does include some images of the difference connectors:

In that case, you may need to exchange the mic with one that has a TRS connector. Or you might look into getting a TRRS to TRS adapter.

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