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Canon C70 Remote Handgrip Help! GR-V1! Cameo Grip, Sony also tested.


Hi all,

I'm close to getting the GR-V1 grip to work with Canon C70 and wanted to share some findings and get some advice!

I pre-ordered the C70 with the intent of using on my shoulder on occasion and having on-grip controls. It would be a massive flaw if this camera were unable to do so, as that means it simply can't compete as a documentary camera.

I'd love anyone's assistance helping me find a cable/adapter to work from the 3.5mm Canon C handgrips to the 2.5mm remote terminal. I'm fairly certain this will work based on the below findings.

FS5 and FS7 Grips
Connected via LANC cable, both of these handles are recognized by the camera and the joystick functions with up/down/left/right and select. The record and other buttons do not work, which is expected because they are mapped differently. But it shows that the remote link's capable of receiving multiple signals.

C100/C300 Grips
Do not work, because audio cables don't provide either enough power or consistent signal. (Or maybe I just can't plug them in all the way)

Cameo Gear Grip
This thing is ugly and buttons are a bit flimsy but it works via hirose to lanc cable. I've tested this as well. Iris and button mapping work. These are somewhat hard to find as they are entering EOL.

This, of course is the natural choice to use. I've purchased it and am looking to connect it to the C70. Any help in selecting a cable (or cable+adapter) to make this happen?!

Attached are a few photos

The Canon 3.5mm grip connection on the GR-V1 (C-series grip). The C70 only has 2.5mm remote in.

the canon grip connection.png

This cameo gear grip works but it's really not intuitive and no longer supported by manufacturer.
(Yes, excuse the tripod ball.)
cameo grip working.png

Lastly here are some of the cables I have tried. I was advised to use 3.5mm to 2.5mm audio adapters but they either do not fir or do not work with the GR-V1

3.5mm to 2.5mm audio cables that did not work.png

Any thoughts on where to find a cable or combination of cables to get the GR-V1 grip working on c70? Thanks all!


It's been a while, but I solved it!!!

The Canon C70 can be used with an assignable handgrip. It turns out it was all in the menu settings.

First update the handle to the latest firmware.

Then, re-connect the handle and under "assignable buttons" tab in the MENU, toggle to the number 3, and you should see a sub-menu titled "REMOTE A". That's your handle. You'll be able to assign those 4 buttons there.

IT WORKS with these grips so far:
Cameogear Cameogrip
FS5 / FS7 Grips (which feel really nice!)

C100/C300/GR-V1 Grips. But someone let me know!

Hope this helps the one other person in the world trying to use the C70 on their shoulder.

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Heres another idea :


Manfrotto LANC remote... probably works, i just wonder if the zoom rocker could be mapped to IRIS wheel, then we are in BUSINESS


It seems ironic that a "solution" involves using another brand's equipment because Canon doesn't care if their products work together. Seems to fit perfectly with Canon's MO.

Did you ever find out if the GR-V1 could work with the C70 if a properly fitting 3.5mm --> 2.5mm adapter could allow the grip to plug into the Remote terminal on the C70? For reference I have the Wooden Camera extension extension cable which allows you to relocate the grip and works fine with cameras like the C200 and C300II. Just wasn't sure if the language between the GR-V1 and the Remote terminal is fundamentally different. Thanks for your efforts to solve this maddening issue. 

Just looking to see if you had any luck with the GR-V1 by using a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter for the C70?


I didn’t. Canon grips aren’t compatible with the C70 in any circumstance. Canon could likely manufacture something, but that would be uncrippling a product, which isn’t their thing. Sony grips work with limitations though. However, this camera is a terrible form factor to shoulder mount. I borrowed an FS7 grip to try shoulder mounting and it sucked. If you want to shoulder mount a sub-$10K camera, you’re better off switching to Sony. 


Given the age of this thread, you may want to reach out to the user who posted last via PM.  It doesn't look like he's visited since last year.

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Thanks for the tip!

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